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The third edition of the Bayes By the Sea conference: “Rationality and Strategic Interaction in the Sciences” aims to bring together philosophers of statistics and of the scientific method, methodologists and metascientists, as well as economists and game-theorists, in order to refresh the debate on the foundations of the sciences from new perspectives, with a special focus on scientific rationality, scientific misconduct, science economics, foundations of statistics and the scientific method, in diverse scientific ecosystems characterized by distinctive practices, structures, and institutions. 

A special attention will be devoted this year also to evidence in legal settings and the forensic sciences (medical forensics, statistical forensics, computational and digital forensics, litigation science, etc.).

We welcome contributions from: (Formal/Social) Epistemology, Philosophy and Foundations of Statistics, Metascience and Scientific Methodology, (Epistemic) Game Theory, Decision Theory, Forensic Sciences, (Information) Economics.



We greatly enjoyed our previous conferences (2019 Edition and 2018 Edition) and we look forward to a similar success this year!  

A rich calendar of social activities will complement the fun!


Francesco De Pretis, Emanuele Frontoni, Maria Laura Ilardo, Barbara Osimani, William Peden

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